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Hospice Philosophy

Hospice care is an interdisciplinary approach designed to meet the needs physical, psychological, and spiritual of a person. At the end of life with the goal of comfort and not cure. Hospice consides unit of care to extend beyond the patients and include the family and caregivers as defined by the patients.

At Bright Start, we always aim to deliver the kind of service that you deserve: efficient, client-centered, and immediate. Our trusted staff knows full well that healthcare is not something to take for granted. As beacon holders for all things health, we ensure to always give proper care and attention to each of our valued clients. And that is because we treat each one of them as part of our family.

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Owner’s Bio

Lolin Stevenson Nurse Director

Lolin is a functional nurse and the director of A Bright Start Hospice Services, Inc.

She was raised by her grandmother, who loved and cared for her community. Years later, Lolin returned the favor by taking care of her grandmother when she could no longer help herself. This will then lead Lolin to become a professional nurse who can further serve her community.

After graduating college, she founded A Bright Start Hospice Services, Inc. where she takes a largely passionate approach to provide innovative care. Lolin believes that combining both skilled and non-skilled home care better addresses every patient’s needs, which is the future of healthcare.

Our Mission

To analyze, offer care and comfort with dignity, and ease the burdens of all patients, caregivers, and family enduring the changes and ceruse and progressive illness.

Our Vision

The hospice agency is well the choice for hospice and palliative care through the pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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